Sunday, January 9, 2011

Public Figures, Greivances, Patience and Violence?

"Things will be OK." These were the words we remember our elders used to console us with, whenever a tragedy took place. Any sad news what so ever, within the family or neighbourhood or even at a national or international level, would be followed by consoling words for the people involved and outsiders just the same. We kind of knew that our grownups themselves were not a hundred percent sure that every thing will be OK, but I guess in order to save people from having to go through the tragedy being repeated, they covered their doubts and made things look calmer than they would be. At the most they would say things like "There was nothing much we could do," or even words like "It was meant to be," or even "If only we knew."
I guess what I am arriving at is the fact that the fear of economy going bad has been so much televised that people are scared stiff. They are blaming things on people they should not be blaming. Also, has anyone told us that things are not as bleak as they are made to look. It is not too late to realize that Americans have the most resources any nation can have. It is just because we are used to luxuries (compared to other nations) that we start weeping when we get a little less. Don't get me wrong, I have felt the pinch of bad economy as well. I do not like to put the blame entirely on the government though. Well, if you want to improve the economy start under your own roof. Do not keep the windows open and keep the thermostat on high, or run the washing machine just for one pair of jeans. This is a new year. Watch how you spend your money and see that things may start looking OK.

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