Monday, January 17, 2011

Grown up Kids

When you hear that your son is homesick because of cold, cough, and fever you want to fly to his place and make him some soup. Parents are like that. We rather have the sickness ourselves than hear about our kids getting sick. They say that God puts a tiny piece of his own element in us when we become parents. I could never be a doctor because I know that I would probably cry my eyes out whenever I saw people suffering especially a terminal illness. That is one reason that I have compassion for any cancer sufferer. Last night when Michael Douglas lost the Golden Globe award to Christian Bale (not that he did not deserve the award). I felt really sad. I was thinking of Kirk Douglas. I remember his devastation when he first found out about his son's cancer. Michael Douglas was upset that his Dad getting upset more than his own cancer.
We did not watch the whole show as my husband was getting tired. We can only take so much of glamour.   When I read online that Michael Douglas was on stage anyway,and his wife was listening to him from the audience, it made me feel a little better. Now I feel bad that we did not stick around for the whole show.
I was also excited to see Katey Segal go up and get her award. I always pictured her as a wife of an underdog, under-privileged shoe sales person. Then I realized that Married With Children was only fiction.

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