Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kids in People

They say that when someone does not know how to prove a point they either become really offensive in conversation or  behave immature. For a long time young people were not allowed to present any argument in front of their elders. So, naturally when an elderly relative made a statement that would not make any sense at all, we would just purse and press our lips so we wouldn't  get into any trouble. Throughout the ages we got lucky because our parents learned to recognise us as people and we were allowed to politely disagree. A lot of times it so happened that we made more sense than some of our elders and instead of admitting that we were right they would say that we were being rude and that was offensive. "Man, we can never win, can we?" one of my cousins would complain. So we promised ourselves that when we would become mothers we will let our children present their argument and if they prove us to be wrong we will not hold that against them. I keep my promise and go in the freezer and have some ice cream instead of feeling like a loser.
Ricky Gervais remarked "Thank God, I am an atheist"  in presence of a lot of people who believe in God.  That reminded me of a sentence that a brother in law of mine (who is older than me) once said, "Do not disregard an atheist that he is hopeless, who knows he might utter the name of God in the midst of trouble".

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