Friday, January 28, 2011

A Teacher Remembered

When my daughter told me about the twenty fifth anniversary of the tragedy of "Challenger " for a moment I did not recollect the space mission. She had to remind me and then all of a sudden I remembered that there was a teacher on that shuttle. I know that my daughter was only three years old but she remembers the tragedy as if she had understood the seriousness of it even at the age of three. It could be because of the fact that she was very much fascinated by space and astraunauts and cool people like that. As far as I am concerned my sympathies were for all of them, but more so for the teacher. Teachers are people who kids look up to and I was afraid that thousands of kids (including my own ) must have been heart broken. They were but thanks to President Reagan (then president) they did not loose faith. Kids are resilient and they bounce back. The same people who were kids then are now adults, and some of them have understood the gravity of that day and cannot help but cry.

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Lois May said...

I remember that too. I felt shocked and sad as well.