Friday, February 25, 2011


When it comes to cause and effect I am with science people. I mean things happen because there is an explainable reason. Even accidents show reasonable details when looked at closely. So I always wondered why I heard from my grown ups that if a person is unkind there will be unkind consequences that his children will have to put up with. Hey, I am not disobedient in case any of my elders are reading this blog (which I doubt very much),  I am of average intelligence and most people of average intelligence do not get persuaded by what they hear but by what they understand. Right? Maybe it is a method that people of India use to deter people from being mean to each other. We try to do our best to give our kids the best possible life. So we do not want to do anything at all that could have an adverse effect on them.

I absolutely adore Angus Jones, who plays Jake Harper in Two and a Half Men. I am not a big TV person but once in a while I watch what every one else is watching. So last time I watched Two and a Half Men I was surprised to see that he grew up to be a very good looking young man. He did not get that syndrome at all, you know the one I am talking about, when cute baby actors ( or cute kids in general )  grow up to be awkward. He is still very good looking, has poise and I am sure a lot of young girls think that he has suave. So this morning when I heard in the news that the show was getting cancelled my immediate thought went toward him. "Man, do kids really have to pay for grown ups' sins?" Then my husband reminded that that kid does not have any relation with Charlie Sheen at all. They are all actors.
This evening my daughter pointed out that both Angus Jones and Jon Cryer  ( he was so cool as Duckie in Pretty in Pink) will find work as they are both well known. It is the behind the scenes people she is thinking about.


Belle said...

Yes, I was thinking about the make-up, camera and lighting people too. I think it was closed down just for this year, but I could be wrong. He had signed a two year contract last summer.

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Elizabeth Mueller said...

I'm thinking that every day normal kids DO pay for grown-ups' sins. All the time. All the time. It is so sad, and so unfair. It is a grown up world we live in, no matter how hard children fight and say it isn't. It is. But yet, it is they who suffer the most because they are the most vulnerable, needful and trusting group of human beings ever.

WE as grownups need to be their protectors, exemplars and champions in all things.

How I look forward to the peaceful world to come. :)

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

Elizabeth Mueller said...

PS--the children of celebrities are lost in the glamorous examples of their parents. They are lost in most things. My heart aches for them.