Saturday, February 19, 2011

Entitled to Waste? Not Me

If someone lives within a hop, skip and jump distance from Washington DC and wants to visit you, when you live in a suburb of New York City what do you do to entertain them? The driving time is supposed to be an hour but takes more than two hours because of traffic. You do not have too many choices. Two years ago my siblings were visiting me for the first time since we moved away in a condo and I was going crazy planning their visit, menu and entertainment besides other things.
"Having company Munir?" asked a coworker. I smiled.
"You worry too much, just take them to Cosimo's. There is one in New Windsor and one in Monroe. You are covered if you take them to Woodbury Commons or decide to stay home reminiscing."
Great tip. Cosimo's is good in service and has good food. Their food has their basic signature taste for the chain but a difference of a dash or a pinch here and there in different locations. There is a small Cosimo's in the mall here. Not a full service place, you stay in line, order, pay and take your food and supplies (napkin, straws, plastic cutlery etc) to the table. The food is still very good. The price is not as high as in a sit down restaurant. Today in the mall Cosimos was unusually busy. We had to order and sit down and then wait for the food. When the pizza slices came they were very hot. Some of us were blowing on them to make them cool and some of us were tearing a little corner at a time. Then a young man gets up and gets a plastic knife and a fork and eats his pizza.
"Great idea," I said . I got up to go get a pair myself. Then I sat down. Tearing a little piece at a time I finished halfway and then ate the rest like I usually do.
"Why did you get up to get the knife and fork and why did you sit down," asked my husband,
"Because, one pair was wasted on a slice of pizza by one person, I did not want to add to the garbage," I said. My husband shook his head in disbelief.


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