Friday, February 11, 2011

Do Not Take Suicide Lightly

Call me testy, if you will,  it has been biting cold. It is more like "Up State Alaska" not "Upstate New York".  The sun does not seem efficient enough when it comes to warming up the out doors and even the indoors in some places. Back home they suggest that when the natural elements are not co-operating with you, human beings should support each other, one family member should be nice to another. I see that all mankind is a big family, so one person should be understanding about another person. Give people a benefit of doubt and move on. When a son visits his parents in the middle of winter he brings warmth, no matter how cold it is outdoors. When a younger neighbour picks up milk and toilet roll for an elderly lady she is showing that she cares for people in general. Sure, there are degrees in temp, but when it comes to attitude don't be cold.

Lindsey Lohan had more than her share of visits to the court and perhaps to jail as well, ( I did not keep a track),  but I cannot be careless about her behaviour. It is not because she is pretty or famous. She seems to be in need of attention, direction and an aim in life. She is very young and the story she made up about " not stealing the necklace, but borrowing is as naive as her self. She does not know that there is paperwork involved when some one borrows a piece of jewelry and most of the time vendors arrange for the pick of the item. So, I feel sorry for her as well as angry. Yes a lot of people are angry at a lot of celebrities. I am angry at one particular "Face Book" person who is so angry at the movie star that she said that the movie star "should just kill her self". Loosing a good friend to suicide gets me upset when people talk about suicide as if it is a joke. It is not. No matter how bad a person is as long as they are sorry and face the punishment and repent even God forgives, so who are we to tell a girl to go kill herself because she is constantly in trouble?

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