Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ownership Of Stamina

"Hey, I am not too old to help someone even though they could be younger than me."  I was upset at my husband who made a remark that I am an old lady and a younger guy should not have asked me to help him.
"But he had to bring his walker through. " I snapped at my husband and then told him that I did not mean to yell back at him. Then I explained the whole situation.There was a tremendous amount of snow in our neighbourhood and in spite of working hard, the maintenance crew could not clean up close to the cars. The plow is made at an angle that is hard to maneuver and bring it close enough to clean without the risk of scratching or snipping off a corner of the car. So my daughter and myself were coming home after cleaning up our cars and the area around them when one of our neighbours asked me very nicely if I could make some room so he can walk up to his car. So, what's an extra couple of shovels of snow to clean. I did that. My husband was upset. He does not want me to do a lot of physical work because I am not as young as I used to be. Sure, my daughter can clean the car and shovel the snow in half the time, but I do not want to back off. I want to do my share of work and some more. I think that if I start slowing down just because of my age, pretty soon, I will not be doing my share let alone help others. Like they say, what does not kill you, will make you stronger.
I am sure our neighbour must have had an unfortunate incident or accident or it is also possible that he has a problem for some medical reason. I will however listen to my husband and measure every step I take and not leap over fences because I know that he is looking out for me. As far as hard work is concerned, I am here to stay until I get called.

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