Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Time Better than Valentine Dinner

Since the beginning of this month my husband has been asking "What day is Valentine's Day and what date is it?" My answer has been the same. "It is coming on a Monday this year and it is the same date like every year, the fourteenth of February. " I have been planning to take him to a seafood place. As far as I am concerned, I do not want anything as his health and well-being is the only thing I wish for (and health and well being of my kids(including my daughter-in-law of course) and  my grand kids.)  So I was feeling good, planning this trip across the river to Poughkeepsie to our favourite sea food  place. Now what do you know? Our son in Hawaii had been planning a visit home to surprise us. If it was up to me I would discourage him from coming to New York, when it is biting cold. He had already bought tickets and we had a great visit. When my kids come home, I do not take them out to eat as they miss my cooking therefore I was feeling bad that I could not keep up with the plan of taking my husband out to eat. Instead, I made Salmon and shrimp and rice and all the side dishes. We all had fun sitting together and enjoying the dinner. After dinner I made the trifle with pound cake and frozen strawberries (with nutra-sweet instead of sugar) and low fat whipped cream. My only regret was I did not use a red tablecloth. So this dinner was a healthy dinner without any complaints as now we are getting used to eating healthy. We sat together and watched TV and talked in between shows. It was fun.
Just before we went to bed my husband asked me how much the whole dinner was. I gave him a ball park figure. He said, "I bet if we ate the same dinner at a fancy place it would be three times more expensive and fattening too and not even half as tasty, especially the shrimp." 

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