Monday, February 21, 2011

Poor Barbie

So Mr. Frost visits again, Yeah, yeah, yeah, the roads were not as slick because of the thaw last week and most of us did not have to go to work. Central Park was a Winter Wonderland again. Does it mean that cleaning the snow is not going to cause fatigue? Yes I am testy again. What do you know, it is always the exercise that makes us feel good. So after the snow was taken care of we headed towards the mall, for a walk. I had not eaten breakfast because of the tension of the snow. "How about we grab a burger?' I could not believe myself. Usually I am the one discouraging a stop at the fast food place.
"OK." My husband just needs a hint.
So we order happy meal because it comes with juice not soda. "Girl or a boy?" the same question. I said "girls" without thinking. "So what's in it today?" I asked my daughter.
"It's Barbie" she said. This time Barbie had wings.
Then my daughter pointed out to her feet and said, "Her feet are always shaped like they should be in heels."  I looked. Oh yeah, now what is up with those people. Do they not realize that time has changed and girls don't always wear heels? Are we giving little girls a message that they should be always wearing heels? Common people, this is 2011. Girls are more enlightened now. (Not there is anything wrong with people who like to wear heels.) My point is please do not give wrong messages to kids. Stop already. I know just about half a dozen people who ruined their pinky toes, arch of their feet, knee balls, ankles, and backs. Just about everyone I know who wears heels on a permanent basis cry at the end of the day (or party) and want to walk barefoot. It may be worthwhile for them. Let it be a girl's choice. Do not suggest it to them from their formative years on by shaping dolls feet to look like they should be in high heels.

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Yeah, I noticed that Barbie has weird shaped feet too. I hate heels--they hurt. I can wear 'em for 5 minutes max. I don't know how Barbie can wear them ALL THE TIME.