Monday, February 28, 2011

They Need Their Own Catagory

"It was like a fashion show not an award show last night," my husband remarked this morning when I was watching "the best dressed and the worst dressed at the Oscars" part of the news.
"Shush," I said without taking my eyes off of the TV. I know I watched them all last night, from Halle Berry, to Marissa Tomei, to Nicole Kidman, to Gwyneth Paltrow and of course Anne Hathaway who changed who knows how many dresses.
"So what were you saying?" I asked with an apologetic tone. "I see what you mean," I said in an understanding tone. "There were not too many men, were there?"
"Men were there, they are just not dependant on fashion to look elegant," he said. "I mean women go through so much, so much competition, for what?"
"It is not as simple as that. They are not competing, it is a way to keep culture going. They can afford the fashion. It is when we cannot afford and we compete, that is when it is bad. They were all in good spirit too." I think it was not me talking. It was my upbringing, where girls are supposed to dress up and get dolled up in a formal occasion. I am actually envious of men who get to wear tuxedos that can help them move about. Heels- I am so against them that I cannot stop talking about the dangers you can put yourself in. Most of the dresses were gorgeous and some reminded me of plastic table cloths and some of drapes.
I was so sure that  Hailee Steinfeld the young lady from "True Grit" would win that I did not even pay attention to the actress who actually won. I was really sad for her. This same feeling I had when the kid from Sixth Sense did not win. I really like to encourage young performers who actually proved themselves to be good enough to be nominated. Why do they not have a category for young Best or Best Supporting Actors and Actresses? I wish they did. I think that Dakota Fanning did a great job in War of the Worlds.
Couple of things I am happy about. Jake Gyllenhaal looks so mature. I had to look close to recognise him .Also Mila Kunis has matured so nicely. Her lacy lavender dress was very elegant. The Chorus from PS 22 was invited to sing. That made a lot of moms very happy.
One important reason I watched was to listen to Zachary Levi. I watch Chuck on a regular basis but never heard him sing. He is right in thinking about making an album.


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Munir, thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! It's so true what your hubby says about women and their vanity--at least some. And since the media is so in our faces, these women are sending silent messages to the young people. The cycle is never-ending. Thank you for recognizing the little people who should stand upon pedestals! I'm following your blog now!

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

Belle said...

I admit one of the reasons I watch the Awards is to see the dresses. I love a pretty dress! I like the idea of a category for young actors. I wish there was a category for musicals.