Friday, February 18, 2011

A Genius Remembered

President Obama showed his dismay about the acedemic achievements of our students here in the US.  He compared our students to Asian students and to students from India. I cannot say anything about Chinese or Japanese, but I will say this much that parents from India go beyond their means to send their kids to school and colleges. Here in the USA a lot of teachers have lost their jobs. It is not fair with the inner schools to have to loose their teachers when the student to teachers ratio is already bad. We need teachers and parents to be able to understand every kid and see what potentials he or she has. Who could be a genius, who could be a future scientist and who could be a manager. One such genius was George Washington Carver. In spite of being born a slave and loosing his parents at an early age,  (his father passed away and his mother was kidnapped by a night raider) Mr.Carver never wasted his time in goofing around. He was lucky to have Susan and Moses Carver for his guide, who not only freed him, but helped him out with his education. He had a deep interest in agriculture and a strong thirst for learning. How else would he have discovered almost a hundred uses for peanuts and several uses for soy beans. His achievements are too many for me to blog, but a family trip to Tuskegee University would be very interesting for kids especially if they are curious about crops etc. I urge every adult involved in a kids life to let the kid explore and see his potential for who knows the very same kid might be able to save our earth from getting destroyed.

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Drora's minimundo said...

We live in different parts of this world but have similar education problems. Not enough good teachers because of unattractive salaries. I believe in investing in our children, they are the future. I agree with every word you wrote.