Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ground Hog's Day Brings Hope For Warm Weather

"Missing work two days in a row was boring and such a waste of time. As such we don't get enough time off", one of my neighbours was complaining. She works in New York City and we live thirty five miles away. It is normal for people to commute such long distances now that more and more people are moving further and further away from jobs. "I am sorry, " I said. "Well, just make the most of the time." I did not know what else to say. Winter has been rough over all. To add insult to injury, the snow maintenance crew is upset at people of the complex for not moving their cars. So they do not plow enough for us to drive on. So, we go round and round with our problems. We cannot move the cars because the parking lot is not plowed and they cannot plow because we did not move the cars. I do not wait for any one to plow. I just get out with my shovel and walk to the car. The shovel is handy to keep me from falling in case I slip. I shovel the snow up to four feet behind the car, clean the car and pull it out to see if I can find a spot that has been cleaned. I drive around and not a single clean spot, as no one went to work, so no cars were pulled out and therefore the plow person was still angry. Today every one who needs to pull out their car is having such a hard time. They are telling their bosses that they will be late. We need a break from this cold weather.
Yesterday both Puxatony Phil and Staten Island Chuck gave us the good news that winter is not here to stay. May be now we will feel better and not let the cold weather get us upset.

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Maggie May said...

You are having a really bad winter by the sound of it. I hope the snow doesn't last and that things get back to normal soon.
Thank you for visiting me.
Maggie X

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