Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days / Human Nature

Yesterday everyone went back to work. You could see a cloud of smoke from every car as it's engine was on to defrost the windows. Every car was screeching as it was moving on the snow with ice underneath. Their transformers got their fair share of wear and tear. Every one was late, but by ten in the morning only a couple of cars were in the parking lots. Then at ten thirty I heard the trucks and the plows coming in the neighbourhood. Also I saw the young men who clean our side walks  mosey along with their shovels. By noon every side walk and every parking lot was clean. So, why did they make a fuss about plowing the snow while the cars were in the parking lot?  what about the side walks? there were no cars blocking any side walk. I think that I can attribute this whole  "strike" attitude to winter blues. No resident was going to work, therefore no body from the maintenance crew came to do their job. It sounds very fair. My only fear is that there are some older people here and some patients who may have to go to doctors or what if there was an emergency. Some people do not realize the dangers of bad weather and go out anyway even to get milk and bread. What if they fell. What  explanation would the maintainence crew give.No body went to work so why should we? I had a very hard time resisting the desire to take our shovel and go and shovel the side walks leading to various buildings  I do not want to see old people break their bones. My husband tells me to learn to mind my business.

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Maggie May said...

Walking is treacherous on ice & snow for the older folk.
It is the same here. The pavements never get done nor do the side roads. That makes getting to the shops very difficult.
I am glad all yours has been cleared away.
Hoping we don't get anymore.
Maggie X

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