Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's Kid is Tomorrow's Grown Up

We had only  up to six inches of snow in the whole area of New York State  (we had only two inches in our neighbourhood)  and I was upset. Then the Barbie toy with her feet all bent for high heel got me upset.  I should not worry now that my daughter is old enough and she is smart enough not to wear high heels (her decision).  I still get upset, the reason being that I am shorter than average and I used to wear high heels to look as tall as some of my coworkers. Now that I do not wear high heels I am so comfortable and am able to walk so much more that I have started discouraging people from wearing high heels.  Also, I remember my Mom as a very fashionable lady. I would sit and look at her beautiful sandals (high heels ) that she said she did not wear very often. Never the less it was so stylish to wear pencil heel that it looked like we did not wear high heels even if we wore two inches high. So no one paid attention and things went unnotised and ladies suffered all kinds of muscular and skeletal problems. In her later years my Mom started getting severe pain in her back. With some one with good health insurance plans and good hospitals around in the state of Maryland doctors recommended a back surgery. The surgery went well except that on the day she was suppose to have been discharged she had a stroke. We lost her when she was in her mid sixties. She suffered just about four month's with the rehab. I am not so sure if I could attribute her back ache to high heels but I know for a fact that she never fell or hurt herself. I was begining to get back ache when I wore heels and fashion or not no high heels for me. Thank You.

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Belle said...

I quit wearing heels about 15 years ago. Flats are so much more comfortable, and yes, I also think it is more healthy.