Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learn From Examples --- Good Or Bad

"One does not have to be chronologically an adult to be considered respectful as long as one shows the signs of maturity," said one of our dishwashing ladies back when I was a little girl. I hated wasting  "drinking water" so I would pour only half a glass and if I am still thirsty I would pour some more. Water was scarce in the sense that we did not have a refrigerator in our home. "Drinking water" would be stored in separate utensils from water for other uses. On top of that the water supply would shut off at 10 AM every morning and not turn on until four in the afternoon. So we would be careful using "drinking water " because we would not be able to drink water that was for other uses as that would be stored in big deep heavy containers. Today I miss Laxmi, my mom's dishwashing lady (who had a lot of insight) because I see that a lot of actors and actresses and national sport people make a lot of money, but some of them  behave very immature. Their choices of spending money does not reflect their age very well. Sure, it is their money and their choice if they want to waste it on vices or save for future, or old age.Sometimes it seems like they are unable to stomach a big slice of luck, sometimes it seems like they need to be supervised and sometimes it seems like they need attention. Who's attention? I wouldn't know.
A couple of weeks ago I was upset because someone on facebook had told Lindsay Lohan to go kill herself. Suicide is a very delicate subject. You need to walk around it like you are walking on eggshells. This person was not even a sibling of the actress so why does she care about the attention media was giving the actress?  I hope that Lindsay Lohan is getting some counseling and is improving. I wish that someone tells her to take a lesson from Charlie Sheen ie if you take success for granted you will lose it. Lindsay Lohan is an extremely talented actress so I hope she learns from an example no matter how bad it is.

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Belle said...

I always feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan. It isn't like she asks the press to be there. I'm sure she has emotional problems, as does Charlie Sheen. People drink too much or take drugs to make themself feel better. I hope they both come through alright in the end.