Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spills , Messes and Feeling Good

Back when people used discipline more than common sense to raise their children, I used to kiss my kids on their little hands and their cheek or foreheads , whenever they spilled something.
"You are the only parent who shows love to kids when they make a mess." said a friend who had stopped by for a cup of tea.
"Well, it was an accident, a mistake. You can clearly see that. " My only defense for loving my kid. I felt weird.
"Not in my house" she said. "My husband gets a fit"
"Why?" my question was genuine.
"Because it makes a mess in the first place and also it is a waste of food." she explained.
"I don't look at things that way, not when they are this young" I was still supporting my method. "You can see how sorry he is, there is no need for yelling"
" May be you are right" she said . I shrugged my shoulders, "Lets go and see what the kids are up to" we headed for the basement where kids used to play.
I remembered this incident today because I spilled some orange juice while pouring it in my cup. First my thought went towards a "stroke". Then I realized that there are many more health issues when it comes to people my age. Lack of coordination between your brain and your fine motor? It got scary and I realized that I was making a mountain of a mole hill. So I laughed and here I am writing my memoirs since my early years when my kids were babies. I do remember getting angry at my kids when they were teen agers and they did not tighten the base of the blender and almost all of the drink started seeping through the blender and on top of the counter. All three of them were laughing. I felt like a warden who was angry. I still regret that.
Today I did not get angry, instead I got worried.  Then I said why worry ? It is only a spill. I am still capable of carrying it from the refrigerator to the table. How perspective changes.

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