Sunday, April 29, 2012

A to Z challenge

A to Z on my mind:- W is for Winner. I have to hand it to my father for teaching us things that matter. He always told us not to think of ourselves in the terms of winners or losers, (except for when we are playing a game of cards just for fun). Grown ups in India did not believe in too much competition as such and sometimes it did hamper our growth as competition can be good as well. The term "race" was always reserved for rich people who spent money on "horse racing". It wasn't until I came to America that I understood the real terms of losers and winners in life as a whole. People called themselves losers and sometimes called others losers. I asked one of my coworkers what people meant when they called themselves losers, he said that that was just an expression of frustration for not being able to make it in this world. I told him that if someone is still living they are still in the game therefore they cannot be losers. He laughed and when I told him that that was my fathers teaching, he kind of gave it a thought. So this is my conclusion.
Never consider yourself as a loser.
You might be taking care of a child with special needs, (your own child, your grandchild, your sibling, any friend or relative) as long as you are trying. you are a Winner.

You are a Winner no matter what people say. They may say that you have a problem, they may say you are different or have special needs, do not worry. There might be people who have full capacity to do a lot of things in life, but don't want to. So if you have limited capacity but you are trying you are a "Winner".

In the television show "Community", Britta says "Britta for the Win". I would like to get the permission of the writer to change that into "We are for the Win".
So next time someone tells you anything negative, just think of it as a virus in your computer and erase it out of your mind. If someone says that you have special needs and you feel bad, please don't as all of have special needs. It is just that some of us have our needs highlighted , but if we read people carefully we will see that all of us have needs that can be highlighted. We all need to be cared for in someway or the other no matter where we come from and how old we are.


Tracy said...

What a lovely post...I so get upset when people refer to themselves as 'losers'...such a derogatory term and it makes my ears hurt. I totally agree, that as long as we try, we are winners :)
I hope you are doing okay...I've been thinking about you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Very uplifting.

yaya said...

It's easy to get a twisted view of what makes someone a success or a winner when the media sets the standard. Everyone has different talents and abilities. I think that's so we can help each other. If we were all the same there would be no need to rend service to others.

Shelly said...

Very inspiring post. As long as we have breath, we are winners.

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

A really lovely and inspiring post. I love your attitude that as long as we're still living, we are winners. We should all have that attitude!

I, too, dislike the term loser. All we can do is our best. That makes us winners.

Youmna09 said...

That is a lovely form of giving us motivation through a post. Great post!
I never consider myself a looser for me a looser is the not the one who looses but the one who looses without even trying so yeah try and loose trust me it feels awesome :)

Belle said...

Wonderful post, Munir. I used to think of myself as a loser, but no more. I know that I have done good in the world and I am needed and loved.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

A good attitude toward life can make all the difference.

CarrieBoo said...

I love the way you see things. Very well put.

Chatty Crone said...

You are a winner in my book - always. sandie

MimiTabby said...

Your graphic has an atrocious spelling/grammar error.
You ARE a winner, you're A winner. but not YOU'RE WINNER. OUCH

Mimi Torchia Boothby